Portable solar lantern, making life more convenient

According to official statistics, about 789 million people worldwide live without electricity. It is estimated that 620 million people will still have no access to electricity by 2030, of which 85% are in sub-Saharan Africa. Most of these people rely on kerosene, candles, flashlights or other fossil fuel sources for lighting. These traditional lighting methods are expensive, harmful to health, high-risk and polluting the environment. Therefore, the “Lighting Global” initiative launched by the World Bank aims to provide safe and affordable off grid solar energy for 789 million people worldwide who cannot access electricity.

JONCHN is a member of the “Lighting Global” project. Its self-developed and produced portable solar lantern has the characteristics of the greenest, most environmentally friendly, most convenient and most affordable. This product meets the Lighting Global Solar Home System Kit Quality Standards, using solar panels for mobile charging and storage. It is plug and play and has multiple light points. The products have obtained VeraSol Product Certificate (previously Lighting Global Quality Assurance and the World Bank LG certification. It can be used for home lighting, outdoor lighting and so on.In addition, it can also be used as a mobile charging bank with built-in lithium battery and USB port for charging mobile phones, digital cameras and other products. It has the protection of overcharging, over discharging and built-in short circuit. 

Product specification:

Switch Position 1W 2W 3W
Light Output 80LM 160LM 240LM
Maximum Light Time 22H 12H 8H
Charging Time About 13-14 hours under direct and strong sunlight


Name Specification
Solar Panel 1 piece 9V 15W solar panel
Internal Battery Internal Battery: 3.7V 5.2Ah lithium battery for each lamp
LED Lamp 3 pieces 3.7V 3W LED lamps
Torch 1 pc 56LM torch
Adapter Wire 5 in 1 multifunction phone adapter
Accesories 1 piece remote control

Output interface is USB. Output voltage is 5.1V±0.15V. Output current is1A.


Post time: Jul-29-2022