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The Lantern Festival | May the wish come true! 元宵节|愿愿成真,圆圆如意!

新年的第一轮圆月, 是一年中最美好的开端。 一盏花灯点亮对未来的憧憬, 一碗汤圆传递着家的温暖。 愿山河岁月静好无恙, 人间万物皆得安宁! 中川集团祝愿 愿愿成真,圆圆如意! The first full moon of the new year is the best start of the year. A lantern lights up  the vision for the future, and a bowl of...

Advantages of YB 33KV compact box-type substation

YB 33KV compact box-type substation is a combined substation that provides a complete set of products integrating voltage switching equipment, transformers and low-voltage distribution equipment. This product has a compact structure and complete supporting facilities, and is widely used in power ...

The Ultimate Guide to MCCB Circuit Breakers: An Introduction to the JCM3L Series

If you are looking for high quality MCCB circuit breakers in the market, JCM3L series is your best choice. These residual current circuit breakers are designed for use in distribution networks with AC 50Hz, rated voltage 400V and rated current up to 800A. They provide vital protection to personne...


After more than 30 years of development, it has developed into a specialized company with international operation.

About Jonchn

JONCHN Group, founded in 1988, is headquartered in Liushi, Wenzhou, the “electrical capital of China”. It specializes in the R & D, production and sales of transmission and distribution equipment, intelligent fire protection, power supply and other products. the implementation of parts production to finished product sales and service in one of the professional company.