Key Projects: “Supreme Engine” · Wuhan Yangtze River Center ·China

Wuhan Yangtze River Center Project is located in Wuchang Binjiang Business District, occupying the central section of the Yangtze River Spindle City in Wuchang District, Wuhan City,China. It is a headquarters economic cluster area planned by Wuhan Municipal Government, a landmark multifunctional area with riverside characteristics, and a core development section of the Yangtze River Spindle.The project covers 400 meter office tower, headquarters level riverside office building, fashion shopping center, high-end residential apartments and other multiple business formats.The project will build a waterfront complex with a building area of about 1.6 million square meters. Starting is a sprint, striving to be the “strongest engine” for the development of the times, constantly refreshing Wuhan’s speed on the center, and comprehensively promoting the accelerated realization of Binjiang’s value.
JONCHN Electric designed a centralized control and evacuation system for Wuhan Yangtze River Center, which has nearly 30000 points in total, and provided 10 emergency lighting control hosts and more than 300 centralized power supplies for emergency lighting, providing a favorable guarantee for the emergency evacuation safety of Wuhan Yangtze River Center.

The “Powerful Engine” for the Development of the Times, Wuhan Yangtze River Center
The construction period is 62 months
Planned to be completed in December 2025
It is estimated that 40000 people will be employed after the completion of the project
Annual tax contribution of 2 billion yuan
The Yangtze River passes through Wuhan
The surging river witnessed the history and legend of this city
Selected Products of the Project


Post time: Nov-07-2022