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2014-08-25Jonchn intelligent evacuation systems new products coming to market, would greatly enhance comprehensive competitiveness 2014-08-25Jonchn's company promptly comply with the industrial transformation of the historical trend, increasing new product re... 2014-08-25Jonchn fire industry participating in the annual four consecutive events, increase the intensity of intelligent evacua... 2014-02-12Congratulations "JONCHN" trademark by the State administration for industry and commerce as a "well-known trademarks i... 2012-10-26Congratulate the company successfully passed the quality management system, environment management system and occupati... 2012-10-26Gong Zheng, Deputy Governor of Zhejiang Province posing for pictures with Nakagawa, General Manager Huang Xiansheng kind 2012-08-17The company won the title of outstanding overseas Chinese enterprises in Wenzhou City 2012-05-22Congratulations Nakagawa EPS fire emergency lighting through the Ministry of public security fire protection product c... 2011-05-29The company won the "star of 2011 growth enterprises" 2011-03-23Shanxi Province Highway management office leadership visited our company 2010-08-16Jonchn EPS emergency power supply the national compulsory 3C certification 2010-06-29Jonchn modern industrial park completed the relocation 2010-05-28Jonchn super power EPS 500KW out 2010-05-08Jonchn EPS into the fast lane of development 2010-04-21Congratulations on the successful hosting of fire safety training activities
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